The Pro Laser Foundation was established in 1996. It is a non profit organization involved in medical training and medical congresses.

Our foundation organized over 50 workshops for medical doctors , all our trainings were EMC approved by Romanian College of Medicine. 
Our trainers are well established medical professionals as Universitary Professors, or approved trainers with over 10 years of experience.

Our main focus is in Corrective Dermatology,  Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Therapeutic and surgical lasers techniques and new applications. 
Our team organized also trainings in medical software uses and application for medical Personnel.

Prof. Dr Bogdan Savu is our elected president and he was responsible for training of over 800 army medical doctors during his employment as Chief of Medical Military Institute from Bucharest. He continued also in our foundation to establish rules and programs for all the romanian medical personnel, until present.

Dr Niculae is our Vice-President of our Foundation.

Dr Niculae is the founder of one of the premier laser and cosmetic dermatology treatment, research and training centers in Romania called LASERMED.
Lasermed is a state-of-the-art facility using the most advanced laser and cosmetic dermatology approaches available for the treatment of cosmetic and medical skin issues. Adults, children and infants come from around the world for treatment of conditions ranging from scar removal to cosmetic rejuvenation. The center is recognized both nationally and internationally for its leadership role in the area of skin laser technology.

Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae, M.D., the director of the center, has been practicing state-of-the-art laser therapy since 1993. Much of the early work on of aged and wrinkled skin, skin rejuvenation, new botulinum toxins, wrinkle fillers and removal of unwanted hair was pioneered at the facility.

Throughout the years Dr. Niculae, have been nominated as the leading authority in dermatological lasers in Romania.

He was elected by 26 countries as Vice-president of European Association of Anti-aging Medicine, also Dr. Niculae is the President Of Romanian Association of Anti-aging Medicine (AMAA). Trough AMAA he organized and lectured 15-th Romanian International Congreses on Anti-aging medicine and  also the first European funded program for doctors in the field of medical lasers called “SPIRALMED”.

Vice-president of ProLaser Foundation and Member at Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association, attends various courses, each year, on dermatology, laser surgery and skin surgery.
Dr. Niculae continues to break new ground in laser technology and all aspects of cosmetic dermatology, providing cutting edge treatments to the center’s patients.

Dr. Niculae has personally selected and trained a numerous group of physicians in the use of laser technology and other aesthetic medical procedures starting with 1994 and continues also in present day to organize courses on lasers, fillers and botox for the Romanian doctors.

Courses and Workshops